Cat show 2023
Norrskenskattens 48-49:e cat show
Arcushallen, Luleå on the 16-17 september

Like previous years our show will be 2-days and with 2-certificates, one per day.

The plans are in motion and more information is coming soon!


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Find the show:

Arcusvägen 61, Luleå

From E4 North
From E4 South

Catalogue Sunday


This year NOS are planning for a family friendly cat show!

Kids Show

On saturday kids (6-13 of age) can enter an inofficiell show with the judges in the time between judging and the finale.
No CERTs or placements are given, just a price for participation.
The cat must have been shown in class 1-12, 14 or 16 during the day and a supervising adult must be overseeing.

OBS! Limited to 10 kids
To enter sen a mail with the full name of the cat, the owners name, club and the childs name to:

Vilda Kidz

On sunday Vilda Kidz will be visiting with a Wheel Of Fortune between 11-13.00.
Free for all kids and a price for everyone!

Fishing pond

A candy fishing pond will be free for all kids (while supplies last).


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About payment -
Title chance, class changes or other questions -

Booth, prices and sponsors

Do you want a booth, give prices or sponsor our show?
Mail to for more information.


Do you want to be an assistant, contact:


Do you want to know how a show works? (in Swedish)

Take a look at this video, perfect for beginners



Free booths!

Do you or your company sell products or show your services?

During the 2023 show this will be without cost.

Show your interest by mailing:


Charlotta Åström

David Nordlund

Evas gott och blandat

Evidensia Gammelstad

Föreningen Kattakuten i Norrbotten

Greta Fredriksson

Marjut Nordberg


SE*Glomra's Kattpyssel

Tia Norrgård

Ulla Marklund